Reno Abellira le serpent plastica



Reno was ranked #4 in the world the year he shaped this magnificent Lightning Bolt for MR. Reno also won the prestigious Smirnoff Pro in giant 30' Waimea Bay that same year, so knew how to shape boards that worked in those conditions. Reno is regarded as one of the top Hawaiian shapers having learned from the ultimate master, Dick Brewer. Mark was riding Reno's boards when he rose to international fame and it was Reno Abellira's fish design that inspired MR to design his now legendary twin fin. Mark Richards accomplished an amazing feat that had never been done before by winning an impossible four consecutive world titles.

Being the most famous surfer in the world MR appeared in more films, videos, books and magazines than any other surfer. During the time he was riding Abellira boards, he appeared in a number of films including: Playgrounds in Paradise, In Search of Tubular Swells and Fantasea, as well as numerous magazines. Baja 2008

6' 6"
1975 L x 473 W
108 H of 3 fins + 65 H of 2 fins